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Meet YEAY – Harry

We’ve got a pretty cool team of people working here at YEAY. And we’d like you to get to know us a little better. Meet Harry.

How long have you been at YEAY? I’m pretty new here. I started about 2 months ago.

Where’s your hometown? Originally I am from Kent in England. The little seaside town of Whitstable is where I grew up. Gotta admit, I really do miss the sea.

What did you do before YEAY? Predominately my experience lies in sales and customer support. Before Berlin, I lived and worked in London for two years but decided Berlin had more potential for personal development. I have worked for start-ups before and can safely say, I enjoy the atmosphere and organised chaos that comes with building a new business.

And what you do now at YEAY? Now, my position is to take care and assist all of our customer enquires from the moment you log onto YEAY until all concerns have been answered.

What’s your favourite thing about working at YEAY? My favourite thing about YEAY is variety. My previous jobs have been specifically in one range of products. But here, you can find anything from homeware to underwear! No doubt, it’s definitely an entertaining experience on YEAY.

Describe your style: I’ve recently come to realise that I’m really big fan of colour and ‘oversized’, whether that be t-shirts, trousers, jumpers or coats. If I had to choose a style, I would say somewhere in between 90’s skater grunge and bohemian???

Favourite band/DJ? Hmm, this is hard as my taste is pretty eclectic. But if I had to choose one for now, my favourite DJ would be Bebetta. Upon discovering her once out in Berlin, I have been mildly stalking here tour dates ever since <3

Favourite YEAY video? So many to choose from! I have to admit, I love all these pins from Pin Lord.  This ’10/10 Would Not Recommend’ pin is pretty fantastic. 

Favourite YEAY sticker? The ‘Yaaaas’ flag. Mostly because I say it a lot myself.

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