Light up your style with Blissker reflective streetwear.

Meet Blissker – a German streetwear brand with a twist. Their t-shirt, long-sleeve and hoodie designs use patented reflective technology to reveal hidden patterns and secret messages under different types of lighting.

We caught up with the Blissker team to learn more about their unique collection and inspirations from the urban music scene.

Interview by Jayne Phillips

Hi Blissker! Please tell us a little bit about yourself – how many of you are there, how did you find each other and what roles do you have in the brand?

Our core team consists of 4 people. We are a small group of young and creative thinkers with a passion for innovative fashion. We all have a fashion background and studied design and fashion management.

Melina is our designer. She is responsible for the styles, colours and concepts. Sehyo is our brand director who is responsible for our prints and materials, but also manages the whole collection. Laura is our marketing assistant who is responsible for the whole communication with our partners and suppliers, but also manages social media — and last but not least Bektas, our managing director, who is responsible for the commercial part, finance and distribution.

We are all based in the heart of the Ruhr area except our designer Melina who lives and works in Berlin. How did we find each other? Bektas just put together the best team in the world ☺

How did you come up with the idea for reflective clothing?

Reflection was always a big topic in our company – even before we started our fashion business. Our share holder and patent holder Harald Kaufmann developed the patented reflective printing technology for the advertisement business. First we only sold the transfers but the customers were more interested in reflection on textiles. So we decided to get creative people on board and create our own fashion brand. Blissker was born ☺

You are working with a patented technology, can you tell us a little bit more about how it works?

Our technology enables us to produce filigree reflective prints in different colours which also means that we can produce a multicolour print. They are washable and can be printed on each material.

Due to this flexibility we can produce individual prints with hidden messages which become only visible in direct light according to the principles of retro reflection.

Where did you get the inspiration for the designs in your new collection?

Our latest collection is inspired by the urban music scenes, youth cultures, gangs and clubs of the USA, but we are always looking for new themes for our print collection.

Who would be your dream person to wear one of your outfits?

We are big fans of Pharrel Williams. He is so creative and his individual style reflects exactly who he is. We are sure he would love to wear one of our reflective Blissker shirts ☺

Also Rihanna has a great individual style and loves to spread the word through fashion.

What do you think is the perfect occasion to wear one of your reflective items?

With clear statements, eye-catching print designs or even hidden messages on t-shirts, longsleeves and hoodies, you want to be on the street and express your feelings through fashion. We make casual designs for self confident young people who want to be seen on the street. During the day and of course during the night.

So the perfect occasion for our reflective garments would be in a club or at an event. No matter if it’s at a sports event, at a fashion event or at a music festival.

Blissker shirts are unique, youthful and radiate confidence.

If you could define the Blissker philosophy in one sentence, what would it be?

It’s all about prints. Basic just won’t do!

What’s on the horizon for Blissker?

Our next step will be establishing Blissker as the #1 reflective fashion brand on the fashion market. People should think about Blissker when they hear reflective fashion.

We’re available in Germany and the UK and we’re steadily expanding our sales network. The next step will be to start our own online business so that we can sell Blissker all over the world.

Future plans include the development of a sports, accessory and kid’s collection which is very interesting for a reflective fashion brand. Safety is definitely a great add-on.

Get the YEAY app in the iTunes Store or on Google Play to check out Blissker’s latest collection!




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