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Spreading cosmic vibes with Mama Moon candles

Mama Moon’s handmade candles come with love, magic and a strong side of psychic vibes. Their creator, Semra, combines crystals, essential oil blends and protective energy in her candle collection to trigger positive emotions and help people connect with their spiritual side.  

We caught up with Semra to talk reiki, rituals and the powerful energy of the moon.

Interview by Jayne Phillips

Hi Semra! Tell us a little bit about yourself – how did you get into the world of making magical candles?

It’s been a varied path that has led me here! I have always been interested in pretty much everything metaphysical for as long as I can remember! I learnt reiki when I was 18 and have been collecting crystals and experimenting with rituals and potions, using tarot cards and developing my psychic vibes and worshipping the moon ever since I was a teenager. My Turkish grandmother was quite a well-known coffee cup reader, so I like to think I inherited some of my psychic magical stuff from her!

My background is in fashion- I worked as a fashion stylist for ten years and came to a point where I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, so I decided to do something totally different and go to university to study psychology. After two years of studying I felt that psychology was a little bit too “rats and stats” for me and that it conflicted with some of my personal spiritual beliefs, my heart wasn’t in it… I am a very free spirited person and had felt quite confined at university; so felt that when I left my course I really needed to let my creative juices flow… I had been doing a little bit of comedy with my best friend who is an actress. We manifested an idea to take our show on the road and the power of manifestation worked and we ended up going on tour on and off for three years with our bonkers comedy show. While we were on tour, I had been receiving a lot of big signs and synchronicity that were leading me in a very intense way towards Wicca, spells and moon rituals. I had a bit of an awakening on the top of a volcano in Bali that I should be sharing candles and magic with people…

The rest is history!

What makes each Mama Moon candle special?

I pour all of the candles in a protective circle that is filled with positive and protective energy I also infuse the oils and the wax with crystals- The crystals that I choose change from batch to batch- Sometimes I might have a crystal that I am intuitively drawn to, so will use that… I really like that aspect of it as it makes it feel very personal.

All of the scents that I use are a combination of traditional Wicca and voodoo spells where scent was used as an offering to the spirit and essential oil blends that work the limbic system of your brain which triggers memories and positive emotions.

I make all of my candles with so much love and magic… I really feel that my customers feel this energy.

Are your candles just for witches, or can anyone enjoy them?

My candles are for EVERYONE. My intention and whole philosophy with my brand is to make magic and rituals accessible to everyone.

I really believe that by using my candles in personal or group rituals that everyone can empower themselves and embrace their own personal spiritual understanding… Whether that be meditation, manifesting, embracing nature or connecting with cycles of the moon – all of these things help you experience magical universal love. This in turn has the knock on effect of spreading positive cosmic vibes and love out there in to the world.

What positive effects can candles have on our lives?

So many! Candles are mystical; they work as a powerful ritualistic tool. They demand that you are conscious and present while they are lit… this is something that is imperative if you are setting an intention. Mystical stuff aside – I am a big advocate for self love and the importance of doing nice things for yourself. In my opinion relaxing in the warmth of candlelight that makes your house smell nice, is incredibly healing and is a total act of self love…

Can you share with us your favourite full moon ritual?

My favourite full moon ritual is a very easy. I prefer to go outside (but if you have a good view of the moon you can probably do it hanging out of your window)Put some water in a bowl and hold it up to the moon and catch the moon light’s reflection in the water. This is very powerful as you have a direct connection with the moon. Allow the water to charge up with the moon’s powerful energy ( you can do this for as long or as little as you like). Afterwards, place your hands into the bowl of water and thank the moon for her powerful energy. I then take my hands out of the water and let them dry naturally… It is amazing how you can feel your hands tingle with the power of the moon that it has charged itself with…

Download YEAY in the iTunes Store or in Google Play to explore Mama Moon’s cosmic vibes




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