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HOW TO: edit your video

To make the most out of the video you just shot on YEAY, our in-app editing tools let you add some finishing touches.

About 30 seconds is the perfect length for a YEAY video – but if you want to keep it short and sweet then try not to drop below ten seconds.

Make your video more entertaining by adding some cool background music, or tell users more about your item with a voice-over.

Most importantly, have fun! If you are enjoying yourself it will naturally shine through on camera — and people watching will have all the fun too!


Key takeouts

Find the sweet spot – explain what makes your product awesome in up to 30 seconds.

Audio is video’s best friend – add some cool music or say more using a voice-over using YEAY’s editing tools.

Fun is contagious – people will see you had a good time! Stickers help convey specific moods.


Download YEAY in the iTunes Store or in Google Play and start selling today!

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  1. voilà un petit test pour voir. En effet je veux absolument que mes liens s’indexent bordel. Ca fait trop là sinon mes amis.

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