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HOW TO: find the right angle

The best thing about making your own sales videos on YEAY is that you can be as creative as you want.

And if you aren’t feeling all that creative, there are plenty of simple, smart touches that will really get viewers excited about your product.

We’ve already covered sound and lighting. Now let’s take the angle you film from. Experimenting with different camera angles can help viewers get a much better feel for the product and show it off at its best.

Placing your product in the centre of the shot and keeping it as the main focus of the video will let people know exactly what’s for sale.

In the second part of our seller series we provide tips for finding the right angle to film from.



Key takeouts

Hold the spotlight – keep your product at the centre of the shot.

All eyes on your product – focus the viewer’s attention when filming.

Change it up – shoot from different angles to show different product features.

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