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Alma Botanicals: skincare for modern minimalists

Mindy founded Alma Botanicals because she believes in caring for skin with ethically-sourced organic and food-grade ingredients. The brand’s oils and butters are first-pressed, unrefined and shipped in recycled cardboard and paper tape. 

Read on to get the lowdown on Mindy’s less is more skincare philosophy.

Tell us a bit about Alma Botanicals?

Alma Botanicals is the skin solution for all modern minimalists. We use premium natural ingredients that combine essential vitamins and minerals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality. We are quality driven, and believe less can be more.

Whereabouts are you based?

Seattle, Washington, USA.

When did you launch?

NYE 2016.

What are the inspirations behind Alma Botanicals?

The idea of Alma Botanicals came to me when I was in Antarctica. I was in awe at how beautiful the landscapes were and witnessed firsthand how human actions are affecting the environment, and the wildlife that depends on it. After that trip, I started reading the labels of products that I use everyday, and realized how many chemicals were in them, and how unaware people were of them. Even products that distinguish themselves as natural or organic are often not when you read the ingredients. Inspired, I started formulating my own recipes and was motivated to create products that are truly natural. I loved the stuff I made and decided to create an online store to share my collection with others. It seems like just yesterday that it was a dream in my head and it’s been amazing to watch the idea develop and grow into what it is today!

How would you describe your brand style in one sentence?

Organic skin solutions for the modern minimalists.

What’s your all time favourite item from Alma Botanicals?

The Hydrating Oil – it truly changed my life! I naturally have oily and acne prone skin, and even when I used oil-free products in the past, I had to use blotting paper to control the shine multiple times throughout the day. I never would’ve dared putting oil on my face! As I was researching the natural properties of plant-based alternatives, I learned that when your face is oily, it actually means that you are dehydrated, and it’s your skin’s way of telling you that it needs help to regulate its oil production. The Hydrating Oil is full of light, fast-absorbing ingredients that are also very low in the non-comedogenic ratings, so it will not clog pores. It contains Jojoba oil, which a wax that closely resembles the human sebum, that give your skin the signal that it is hydrated, and reduces its oil production. In addition to its oil control ability, the Hydrating Oil also provides all the moisture and hydration the skin needs, and could be used for everything!

What’s your advice for anyone who wants to create their own natural beauty brand?

If you have an awesome product that you absolutely can’t live without, it’s already a winner – go for it!

Why do you think video is important for selling?

It enhances the buying experience and demonstrate how the products can be used.

What are your top three style tips?

Keep it simple. Less can be more. Be yourself.

What’s on your Spotify playlist right now?

The La La Land soundtrack!

Ready to strip back your skincare routine? Download YEAY in the  iTunes Store or on Google Play today. 

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