Meet YEAY – Gabriel

We’ve got a pretty cool team of people working here at YEAY. And we’d like you to get to know us a little better. Meet Gabriel.

How long have you been at YEAY? Almost a year.

Where’s your hometown? São Paulo, Brazil.

What did you do before YEAY? Before YEAY I freelanced for video companies and ad agencies. I also painted, and spent a year traveling before joining the company.

And what you do now at YEAY? I work with motion graphics and I create animations to share on social media and in marketing videos, as well as in the app.

What’s your favourite thing about working at YEAY? I like the freedom to try new animations.

Describe your style: Tropical style 🍍

Favourite band/DJ? Criolo.

Favourite YEAY video? The 80s ghetto blaster.


Favourite YEAY sticker? The avocado.

We’re hiring! Check out the positions currently available at YEAY.

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  1. voilà un petit test pour voir. En effet je veux absolument que mes liens s’indexent bordel. Ca fait trop là sinon mes amis.

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