Meet YEAY – Rafal

We’ve got a pretty cool team of people working here at YEAY. And we’d like you to get to know our awesome developers a little better. Meet Rafal.

How long have you been at YEAY? 🎉  I have my 6 month anniversary this week, but feels at least twice as long as that, we’ve done so much in that time!

Where’s your hometown?  🏠 I was born and raised in Poznań, Poland. Now my hometown is Berlin.

What did you do before YEAY? I worked for several startups as an engineer and once as a Project Manager. My last role before joining YEAY was as an Android Dev at Dubsmash

And what do you do now at YEAY? I work in the Android team – we implement new app features to make our users happy and the experience as smooth as possible.

What’s your favourite thing about working at YEAY? I love the fact that we have such a diverse and experienced team from all around the world. And the super chill atmosphere 🌈

Describe your style: ⬛️ Simple, black/white ⬜️

Favourite band/DJ? Can’t pick just one fav. Recently I’ve been listening to the “Sonus Festival 2017” playlist a lot on Spotify.

Favourite YEAY video? Love the TZUJI video with the holo dress. I’ve watched it so many times but it never gets old!


Favourite YEAY sticker? The guys with the dollar sign eyes $$$$

We’re currently looking for kick-ass Android and iOS developers to join our growing team here in Berlin. If that sounds like you then get in touch!


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