New on YEAY: Make videos. Make Sales. Earn rewards.

We just introduced a new way for you and your friends to make money!

You can already create cool videos on YEAY to sell your stuff. How would you like to create more videos and get rewarded for it?

Here is an opportunity – the Not Sponsored t-shirt.

We designed this shirt ourselves. We’re pretty proud of it.

And all you need to do is get the shirt on YEAY, make your own video of it, then just upload it to YEAY. Every time someone buys it through your video, you will get 10€. We’ll take care of the order and the shipment and everything else. The more creative you are, the more people will buy the t-shirt from you! And guess what? There’s no limit to the money you can make. One t-shirt, you get 10€. Sell 1,000 t-shirts and you get 10,000€. Yes, it’s that easy.

And you can also enable your friends to be part of it! If they buy a t-shirt through your video, they can also create their own video and make 10€ for every t-shirt they sell.

Are you in?

Yes, tell me more

Terms and conditions apply. Please check for details.


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