Before 7 am: spill textile style

Before 7 am is a brand that believes in fashion that doesn’t come at the expense of the planet or the people making our stuff. The Berlin-based designer produces exclusive collections with a more sustainable character to help women look good knowing no unnecessary compromises are being made. We caught up with creator Annabel Kleyweg to talk fashion philosophy, advice and style tips.

Munchies White Collar, € 45

Tell us a bit about Before 7 am?

Before 7 am is not just your ordinary clothing brand: we’re a brand that creates positive change by empowering women to show their individuality, to (re)claim their style and create an exciting life. We believe that people make better and bolder decisions once we feel sincere about ourselves. Self expression matters a lot and for some of us fashion plays a vital role in this.

We create our collections mostly from spill textiles coming from European fashion designers and textile producers. We’re talking about truly amazing textiles that get a second life. This method of upcycling reclaimed textiles minimises the negative environmental effects of new textile production and the excess creation of landfill cost by waste.

Another cool benefit of working with spill textiles is that our production is limited to the amount of metres available of any textile we use. No mass items, no overproduction, just exclusive collections.

Whereabouts are you based?

Berlin based, with Dutch roots.

Maxiallary Skirt, € 85

When did you launch?

August 2016.

How did you get into fashion?

The idea was in my head for a long time, but it always stayed a vague and distant dream. Fashion always played a big role in my life and I wanted to actively participate in the industry. Because it excites me but also because I believe there’s a whole lot of innovation that can and should happen in the industry. Getting started is the best way to get ahead. When at one point in my life things like time, motivation and resources came together I knew I had to act.

What’s your advice for anyone who wants to create their own brand?

Keep in mind that there’s a zillion brands to choose from so think out a clear direction you want your brand to head into. How do you want to communicate with your audience, which values do you want to represent. Next to this it’s important to get as much help from people who have skills and knowledge you yourself lack.

Why do you think video is important for selling?

Many reasons, one is that people are getting pestered by brands with generic marketing messages to get our attention. The modern user is however much more interested in brands that resemble their Individuality and preferences. Video is simply an amazing way to show more ‘personality’.

Wax Lips Silver Collar, € 40

What are your top three style tips?

I myself am a huge fan of showing off your femininity, simply because the female body is just so sexy and I believe we women should feel comfortable with it and show off all that beauty. So show off those juicy or firm boobs, that round booty, awesome waistline or legs. It’s so cliche but true that whenever you feel comfortable in your own skin your style and looks will be impeccable!

Secondly I think it’s important to define your own style and don’t only follow trends presented by the usual suspects (read mainstream retail and ecommerce) but rather match with epic vintage items and niche labels that have a story to tell (like Before 7 am!)

What’s on your Spotify playlist right now?

Beatenberg, tropical and cheery tunes from South Africa.

Tibia White Dress, € 80

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