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Meet YEAY – Lara

We’ve got a pretty cool team of people working here at YEAY. And we’d like you to get to know us a little better. Meet Lara.

How long have you been at YEAY? I started in September, so 3 months!

Where’s your hometown? Bettystown, Ireland. It’s a very small town along the east coast. I find myself missing those sea vibes!

What did you do before YEAY? After graduating college I worked as a tour guide in a whiskey distillery for a while, and then event coordination/ support for Irish film industry.

And what you do now at YEAY? Initially, I started as an intern, managing and dealing with influencers for different campaigns. Now I work with the brand team, bringing in brands for collaborations, styling, photography and video shoots. It’s a very creative role and I am loving it!

What’s your favourite thing about working at YEAY? The people, it’s the best team I have ever worked with! Very diverse as it’s an international office & everyone’s totally chill and helpful! When you work abroad your work family are very important.

Describe your style: Put together! Before I go to sleep at night I plan my outfit for the next day! I wear a lot of black but also like funky vintage pieces & adding pops of colour! I’m very minimal on accessories, mainly only wear rings/ sunglasses.

Favourite band/DJ? At the moment Bicep! I just made a Berlin playlist – Being Irish though, I do love a bit of Enya to help me sleep at night.

Favourite YEAY video? The skateboard kid, never gets old!


Favourite YEAY sticker? Dope & Yes honey!

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