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New on YEAY: the #movechallenge

There’s a new challenge on YEAY – and this time we want to see your moves!

We’ve partnered with sneaker store, The Good Will Out, and sportswear brand, ASICSTIGER, to bring you the #movechallenge.

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ASICSTIGER sneakers were made to move and the #movechallenge is your chance to show us what you’ve got. All you need are some ASICSTIGERs and a video on YEAY.


How the challenge works

1. Grab any pair of ASICSTIGER sneakers and shoot a video featuring the shoes. Run, dance, skateboard, jump rope, play basketball – show us how you like to move!

2. Upload the video to YEAY using the hashtag #movechallenge and share it on your social channels to spread the word!

3. Every video features a BUY NOW button enabling you to earn €10 every time someone buys a pair of ASICSTIGER Gel Lyte sneakers through your video on YEAY. We’ll take care of the sale, the shipment and everything else!



We invited a few friends and some Instagrammers and YouTubers to help us launch the #movechallenge at The Good Will Out store in Cologne this week. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes…


And check out some of the first videos from the #movechallenge for inspiration!



Ready to show us your moves? Find out how to take part here.