What’s YEAY?

Berlin-based start-up YEAY is here to democratise the e-commerce landscape by providing sellers with a platform where they can showcase their products and individual creativity to a global market by creating amazing video content and uploading it to the YEAY app. With a worldwide open public beta launched June 28th, YEAY is here to revolutionize shopping for everyone.

The innovative and revolutionary idea of CEO Melanie Mohr, to buy and sell things through video, has been launched in less than a year through extreme hard work and passion. What’s so unique about YEAY?

Products can be purchased with the simple tap on a video. Creators merely need to upload a 60-second video, which immediately makes the product available to a worldwide audience.

In our digital age, where mobile apps like Snapchat and Instagram have quickly become household names, YEAY is a platform best suited for the Millennial Generation—52% of whom are more likely to make impulse purchases than any other generation.

“E-commerce researchers have found that people are up to 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video, and return rates diminish by 30%.” – Melanie Mohr

YEAY is more than just another online market place! The YEAY team is focused on revolutionizing the channels of e-commerce, currently dominated by corporate giants such as Amazon and Ebay.

By carefully cultivating an ever expanding community of designers, influencers, bloggers and buyers, they have been able to promote and collaborate with emerging designers, independent stores and Kickstarter campaigns from all around the world.

Video links are 1 200% more likely to be shared than text, and the information conveyed in this format has a much higher retention rate—a 60-second video is equal to about 1.8 million written words. So being a part of this collaborative network enables independent sellers to raise brand awareness and promote their products to a global market without being hindered by listing fees and subscription services.

Sellers have the freedom to define and present their products in a voice that is their own personality. It represents their style, their values, and their brand’s vision. The app provides them a platform to create and upload shareable content that showcases their own creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore YEAY caters to the needs of the Millennial and millennial minded consumer by creating a more personalized connection between buyers and sellers. Plus, there is always the prospect that a product video will go viral.

YEAY’s combination of entertainment, video and e-commerce has proven to be highly popular with investors, buyers and sellers alike. Even before the app has launched, the YEAY brand has been able to secure an army of followers with a global reach of 5 million.

Since its establishment less than a year ago, YEAY has sky rocketed from a small start-up with a handful of employees to a thriving international company driven by a vibrant, tech and media savvy team. The YEAY story is testament that through hard work, passion and a professional, dedicated work force, a humble start-up can take the world by storm.